Frequently Asked Questions

What is Redwood – The Firm?

Redwood Asset Management Limited is an asset management firm licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to carry out the business of fund/portfolio management. The firm is a subsidiary of Creditville Nigeria Limited.

What services does Redwood offer?

  • Financial Advisory/Planning
  • Research
  • Portfolio management
What do I need to sign up?

You can sign up through our online portal with just your email address using this link. The following KYC documents can be submitted subsequently:

  • Passport photograph
  • Utility Bill
  • Regulatory ID card (Driver’s Licence, National ID, International Passport and Voter’s Card)
How long does it take for my account to be active?
It takes 4hours or less for your account to be active
What is your minimum investment value?

Redwood has several investment options. Please see below products and their minimum investment amount:

  • Redwood Structured Fund – N1,000
  • Separately managed portfolios – N1,000,000.00
Can I get a financial plan tailored to my needs?
Yes. An investment advisor will work with you to determine to your risk profile putting into consideration your investment objectives, risk appetite and time horizon. You can take an online questionnaire on our portal using this link to determine your risk profile and a sample portfolio of your risk profile will be generated. You can proceed to investment in such portfolio starting with a minimum of N1,000,000.00.
What is a Portfolio Management Service (PMS)?

Under this service, our portfolio management team manages an investment portfolio that may include equities, fixed income, structured products, and other individual securities classified as alternate investments on behalf of our clients.

When you invest in a portfolio management service, you own individual securities unlike a mutual fund investor that owns units of a fund. The portfolio is tailored to have the freedom and flexibility to address your personal preferences and financial goals. You can invest in any of the two unique PMS products available:

  • Discretionary

    Under this service, the choice as well as the timings of the investment decisions rest solely with the Portfolio Manager

  • Non-Discretionary

    Under this service, the portfolio manager only suggests the investment ideas. The choice as well as the timings of the investment decisions rest solely with the Investor. However, the execution of trade is done by the portfolio manager

How do I track my investments with Redwood?
Your portfolio will be available to you 24/7 through our client portal and end of month statements will emailed electronically. Quarterly statements with summary of market environment will be sent to clients with Separately managed portfolios.
Are my investments secure with Redwood?
Redwood is fully registered with the securities and exchange commission (SEC) to carry out the business of asset management. Our active registration with SEC can be verified from the list of capital market operators on the SEC website.
Opening hours?
We are open 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday.